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STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF VALENCIA THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT No.D1314-CV-2021-419 IN THE MATTER OF A PETITION FOR NAME CHANGE FOR Iovanny Andrs Rivera/ Maryani Areysi Rivera, minors 1. Martha Rivera, Petitioner (parent/guardian) NOTICE OF PENDENCY OF ACTION (newspaper service/notice to other parent/guardian) STATE OF NEW MEXICO to Ivan Andres Rivera Orozco parent/guardian GREETINGS: you are hereby notified that the above-named Petitioner has filed in the above-titled Court and case, the general object thereof being: a Petition for a Name Change for a child under 14 years of age for whom you are a parent or guardian. If you do not file a response in this case on or before thirty days after the third publication od this Notice, a default judgment may be entered against you. Your response must be filed with the above-titled Court. This case does not involve real property. Name Mailing address and teleephone number of Petitioner or Petitioner's attorney: Name:/s/ Martha Rivera WITNESS the Honorable Judge Cindy M Mercer. Div, District Court Judge of the Thirteenth Judicial District Court of the State of New Mexico and the seal of the District Court of Valenica County this 16th day of August, 2021. (COURT SEAL) By:/s/ Phillip Romero Court Manager By:Deputy Journal: September 1, 8, 15, 2021 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed September 15, 2021