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PUEBLO OF ISLETA REQUEST FOR QUOTATION VEGETATION MANAGEMENT SERVICES The Pueblo of Isleta ("Owner") is soliciting proposals for vegetation management services for the Rio Grande Bosque located on the Pueblo of Isleta Reservation. The Pueblo of Isleta Water Resources Department (WRD) seeks the services of a qualified forestry contractor to support WRD saw crews with implementing integrated vegetation management within a 153-acre portion of its Rio Grande floodplain forest (Bosque) currently overgrown with non-native Russian olive and salt cedar trees. Forestry contractor support is needed primarily to masticate small to medium sized (<4" diameter) tree limbs and stems of non-native trees so that WRD saw crews can safely and efficiently access larger non-native trees for forest thinning and herbicide treatments. Contractor support may also be needed to assist WRD saw crews with hauling larger diameter tree stems bucked into short (<4-foot) lengths from the forest to a staging area using tracked skid-steer loaders or similar equipment designed to minimize soil disturbance (rutting, etc.). Forestry treatments will take place in dense stands of forest vegetation including zones exclusively composed of non-native trees and others where non-native trees are growing beneath a cottonwood gallery forest. In all work zones, the contractor will work collaboratively with, and under the direction of the WRD Saw Crew Supervisor to accomplish the project. To request a copy of the full Request for Proposal (RFP), please email ONLY to the following individuals: Mary C Montoya Procurement - Senior Buyer Pueblo of Isleta Email: mary.montoya@isletapueblo.com Phone: (505) 869-9831 Elijah J. Small Water Resources- Bosque Restoration Manager Pueblo of Isleta Email: Elijah.Small@isletapueblo.com Phone: (505) 366-3895 Michelle Valdez Buyer Pueblo of Isleta Email: michelle.valdez@isletapueblo.com Phone: (505) 869-5298 Proposals are due no later than Friday, September 24, 2021, 3:00 pm MDT. Proposals received after the due date and emailed proposals WILL NOT be accepted no exceptions. Journal: September 5, 15, 2021 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed September 15, 2021