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A-1 Self Storage New Mexico Auction Ad Notice of Public Sale Pursuant to NEW MEXICO STATUTES 48-11-1-48-11-9: Notice is hereby given that on the 22nd day of April 2021 At that time open Bids will be accepted, and the Entirety of the Following Storage Units will be sold to satisfy storage liens claimed by A-1 Self Storage. The terms at the time of the sales will be Cash only, and all goods must be removed from the facility within 48 hours. A-1 Self Storage reserves the right to refuse any and all bids or cancel sale without notice. Owners of the units may pay lien amounts by 5:00 pm April 21, 2021 to avoid sale. The following units are scheduled for auction. Sale will be beginning at 09:00 am April 22, 2021 at 116 Industrial Park Pl. NE Unit#J04 Thomas DeRouin 900 Louisiana Blvd NE #193, Abq, NM 87110; Bike, boxes, trampoline, cabinet. Unit#G06 Zechariah Glover58 Rincon Rd, Corrales, NM 87480; Shelving. Followed By A-1 Self Storage 5419 Academy Rd NE Unit#B43 Deborah Ortiz 5913 Knoll Wood NE, Abq, NM 87113; Boxes, books, totes, cooler. Followed by A-1 Self Storage 4700 Osuna Rd NE Unit#P139 Devon Arellano 7719 Harper Ave, Abq, NM 87114; Heater, pet carrier, totes, ladder, furniture. Unit#A026 Isaac Smith 5340 San Mateo Rd NE #D47, Abq, NM 87109; Dolly, vacuum, furniture, boxes. Followed by A-1 Self Storage 5412 San Mateo NE Unit#G04 Ruby Salesbury 4638 Iowa St #1, San Diego, CA 92116; Unit # C26, J23, J05, J22, C18, E16, C30 Chenoah Waterman PO Box 4355, Abq, NM 87186; Boxes, crates, step stool, canned food, buckets. Unit# B02 Robertson Begaye 5800 Osuna Rd, Abq, NM 87196; Couch. Unit#C08 Amber Mares 7100 Natalie Ave, Abq, NM 87110; Furniture, chair. Unit#I10 Brandon Mares 5328 Montgomery Blvd NE, Abq, NM 87109; Boxes, trashcan. Followed by A-1 Self Storage 5115 San Mateo NE Unit#N11 Jessica Cotinola 1812 Indian School Rd NW #75, Abq, NM 87014; Couch, bike, rug, clothes. Unit#204 Ronald Metzger 1201 Madeira Dr SE #133, Abq, NM 87108; Furniture, microwave, tv. Unit#042 Joseph Simpson 4200 Montgomery NE #217, Abq, NM 87109; Furniture, seats for van, boxes. Auction Sale Date 4/22/2021 Journal: April 7, 14, 2021 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed April 07, 2021