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Notice is hereby given pursuant to the New Mexico Self Storage lien act that the following units will be sold or otherwise disposed of in order to satisfy liens claimed for delinquent rent and other related charges. Sale or disposition will be final on Nov 30th 2020 @10:00AM at Bridge Self Storage 2401 Bridge Blvd SW Alb NM 87105. The units included in this sale are: G-4 Laura Palacios 1612 Goff Blvd SW #408 Alb NM 87105 dresser coffee table car parts G-48 Hector Ulibarri 8200 Bridge Blvd SW#8a-8 Alb NM 87121 tubs G-53 Nichelle Hall 1800 High St SE Alb NM 87102 couches bed D-6 Annette Alderete 2121 Metzar SW Alb NM 87105 chair boxes bags H-3 Michael Hicks 909 Sunbeam Rd SW Alb NM 87105 washer dryer stereo guitar boxes bags I-9 Anna Cooper 1901 Isleta Blvd SW #B Alb NM 87105 tool boxes dressers boxes bags F-11 Felix Moya 1536 Five Points Rd SW Alb NM 87105 boxes bags tires tables H-25 Julia Ruiz 9216 Red Rock Alb NM 87121 fridge fireplace tools ladders F-21 Rebecca Sandoval 4605 3rd St NW Alb NM 87107 beds dressers tables boxes D-12 Joan Scott 1023 4th St SW Apt#4 Alb NM 87102 tv boxes bags G-40 Kathleen Salas 2328 Bridge Blvd SW Alb NM 87105 dressers bed boxes bags G-43 and E-5 Mercedes Lugo 4209 Isleta Blvd SW Alb NM 87105 tables car parts tubs boxes bags G-27 Conrad Archuleta 2443 Devita SW Alb NM 871056 boxes bags G-30 Ricky Baca 305 Isleta SW Alb NM 87105 bed frame tools boxes B-23 Steven Montano 1619 Valdora SW Alb NM 87105 bedroom set scaffold tools B-24 Donna Mendoza 5505 Sunset Gardens SW Alb NM 87105 couches chairs shelves bed boxes bags. Bridge Self Storage reserves the right to withdraw any of the above units prior to sale without notice. Due to covid restrictions we will be having a silent auction between Nov 30th And Dec 3rd, Call for details (505) 244-0058 Journal: November 21, 28, 2020 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Sat November 21, 2020