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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES SHALL BE SOLD AT ONLINE AUCTION WITH STORAGETREASURES.COM ON DECEMBER 18TH AT OR AFTER 3:00 P.M. LOCATED AT CABEZON STORAGE 2801 WESTSIDE BLVD SE RIO RANCHO NM 87124 IN SATISFACTION OF LIEN IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE NEW MEXICO SELF STORAGE ACT [48-11-1 TO 48-11-9]. Unit: AA02 Edward Montoya Multiple lamps, chairs, air filter/purifier, recliner, misc. furniture, misc. boxes, misc. bags, AND ALL CONTENTS Unit: AA32 Edward Montoya Bed frame, mattress, ironing board, carpet shampooer, dresser, misc. boxes, misc. bags AND ALL CONTENTS Unit: F13 Tony Charcon 2x Desks, tote, box, military style cot, crutches,, AND ALL CONTENTS Unit: J09 Terry Hendrix Chest of drawers, mirror, dining table w/ chairs, large telescope, stroller, misc. totes, misc. boxes, AND ALL CONTENTS Unit: K035 Meghan Barringer Printer, vacuum, stereo speakers, misc. articles of clothes, misc. bags, misc. totes, AND ALL CONTENTS Unit: K114 Katrina Deschene Microwave, dining table w/ chairs, 2x nightstands, 3x chest of drawers, bed frames, baby car seat w/ base, sm. Tool box, misc. boxes, AND ALL CONTENTS Unit: K116 Nanci Bundy Morin King size mattress w/ frame, flat screen TV, dresser, 2x sm. Tables, printer/scanner, plastic chest of drawers, misc. boxes, AND ALL CONTENTS Journal: December 2, 9, 2019 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Mon December 02, 2019