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STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF SAN JUAN ELEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT No. D-1116-CV-2018-00682 DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, AS TRUSTEE FOR GSAA HOME EQUITY TRUST 2006-18, ASSET-BACKED CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2006-18, Plaintiff, vs. KAREN M. CHENAULT; MERLE HEARD; JANET HEARD; and TAXATION AND REVENUE DEPARTMENT OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO, Defendants. NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on December 10, 2019, at the hour of 11:00 a.m., the undersigned Special Master will, at the office of the Special Master, 3300 North Butler Street, Suite 201, Farmington, New Mexico, sell all the right, title and interest of the above-named Defendants in and to the hereinafter described real estate to the highest bidder for cash. The property to be sold is located at 7735 Old Aztec Highway, Flora Vista, and is situate in San Juan County, New Mexico, and is particularly described as follows: A tract of land located in the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SE1/4NW1/4) of Section Twenty-Eight (28), in Township Thirty (30) North of Range Twelve (12) West, N.M.P.M., San Juan County, New Mexico, described as follows: BEGINNING at a point on the South right-of-way line of the County Road which is South 00 deg. 25' West 654.0 feet from the Northwest corner of the SE1/4NW1/4 of said Section 28; THENCE South 00 deg. 25' East 301.9 feet; THENCE North 69 deg. 00' East 474.1 feet; THENCE North 31 deg. 27' East 176.2 feet; THENCE North 51 deg. 02' West 57.2 feet; THENCE North 20 deg. 59' East 152.9 feet; THENCE North 05 deg. 25' West 52.2 feet to the County Road; THENCE South 62 deg. 04' West 340.6 feet; THENCE South 68 deg. 13' West 246.5 feet, more or less to the point of beginning; LESS AND EXCEPT, HOWEVER, the following described 2 tracts of land: 1) BEGINNING at the Northwest corner of the above tract of land; THENCE North 68 deg. 13' East 135.4 feet; THENCE South 26 deg. 24' East 134.7 feet; THENCE South 64 deg. 23' West, 204.6 feet; THENCE North 00 deg. 25' West 158.9 feet to the point of beginning; AND 2) BEGINNING at the Northwest Corner of the SE1/4NW1/4 of said Section 28; THENCE South 00 deg. 14'19" East for a distance of 654.00 feet to a point on the South right-of-way line of County Road 3520; THENCE continuing South 00 deg. 14'19" East for a distance of 158.90 feet to the Point of Beginning of said tract; THENCE North 64 deg, 33'03" East for a distance of 204.60 feet; THENCE South 18 deg. 36'51" East for a distance of 150.49 feet, more or less, to a point on the North right-of-way line of the old D & RGW Railroad right-of-way, same being the Southerly line of that certain tract of land conveyed in Warranty Deed Book 1217, page 530, records of said County; THENCE South 69 deg. 10'41" West and along said right-of-way line and Southerly line of said tract for a distance of 248.41 feet; THENCE Leaving said right-of-way line and North 00 deg 14'19" West for a distance of 143.00 feet and back to the point of beginning, and all improvements, including, but not limited to, the manufactured home attached thereto and more particularly described as a 1977 Ways , VIN KBTXSN8802746. THE FOREGOING SALE will be made to satisfy a judgment rendered by the above Court in the above entitled and numbered cause on October 25, 2019, being an action to foreclose a mortgage on the above described property. The Plaintiff's Judgment, which includes interest and costs, is $198,660.33, and the same (less the deferred amount of $3,876.13) bears interest at 4.8750% per annum from May 1, 2019, to the date of sale. The Plaintiff and/or its assignees has the right to bid at such sale and submit its bid verbally or in writing. The Plaintiff may apply all or any part of its judgment to the purchase price in lieu of cash. The sale may be postponed and rescheduled at the discretion of the Special Master. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the real property and improvements concerned with herein will be sold subject to any and all patent reservations, easements, all recorded and unrecorded liens not foreclosed herein, and all recorded and unrecorded special assessments and taxes that may be due. Plaintiff and its attorneys disclaim all responsibility for, and the purchaser at the sale takes the property subject to, the valuation of the property by the County Assessor as real or personal property, affixture of any mobile or manufactured home to the land, deactivation of title to a mobile or manufactured home on the property, if any, environmental contamination on the property, if any, and zoning violations concerning the property, if any. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the purchaser at such sale shall take title to the above described real property subject to a one month right of redemption. Electronically filed /s/ Nicholas Cullander Nicholas Cullander, Special Master 3300 N. Butler Street, Ste. 201 Farmington, NM 87401 505- 325-9493 Journal: November 1, 8, 15, 22, 2019 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Fri November 08, 2019