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LEGAL NOTICE EASTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY BOARD OF REGENTS NOTICE OF MEETING Friday, September 27, 2019 9:30 a.m., Eastern New Mexico University Portales, Administration Bldg., Regents Rm. The Eastern New Mexico University Board of Regents will hold its next regular meeting on Friday, September 27, 2019 at ENMU-Portales, Administration Bldg., Regents Rm. Regents will act upon business so presented and may meet in executive session. The agenda is available 72 hours prior to the meeting and is accessible at the President's Office located in the ENMU-Portales campus Administration Building and on the ENMU website http://www.enmu.edu/about/board-meetings.shtml. The public is invited to attend the meeting. Eastern New Mexico University is an EEO/AA institution. Journal: September 11, 2019 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed September 11, 2019