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CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE NOTICE OF REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR CITY WIDE ON-CALL ENGINEERING SERVICES (TRANSPORTATION AND STORM DRAINAGE) PROJECT NO. 609700 PROPOSALS DUE: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 Proposals from professional ENGINEERING firms or persons to provide professional services for the above project will be received until 3:00 p.m. on the date shown above, at the Selection Advisory Committee Office, Capital Implementation Program (CIP) Division Office, One Civic Plaza, 7th Floor, Room 7057, Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Center, Albuquerque, NM 87102. No proposals will be accepted after the time specified. Request for proposals online at http://www.cabq.gov/municipaldevelopment/ architects-engineers-and-developers/cip-selection-advisory-committee Project Description: The scope of work may include miscellaneous transportation engineering and storm drainage support on a variety of projects throughout the city. Work could include studies, reports, surveying, testing, public meetings, street and/or landscape design, traffic engineering, hydrology projects, bicycle facility design, and preparation of plans, specifications, estimates, construction contract documents, construction management and other related tasks. Consultant must show that they have a depth and variety of technical and professional personnel to support most requests. Work will require fast-track responses. Funding sources will vary by task including local, state and federal monies, therefore POINT DEDUCTIONS will NOT be applied. NOTE: THIS WILL BE A THREE (3) YEAR CONTRACT Respondents to this notice of Request for Proposals may attend an OPTIONAL pre-submittal meeting on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2019 at 9:00AM in Room # 7096, 7th Floor, City Hall Building, One Civic Plaza, NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico, at which time additional information will be presented and project-related questions will be addressed. Maximum Compensation $ 500,000.00 City Project Manager Jill Cuppernell, EI Telephone number (505)768-3502 Department: Engineering/ Municipal Development Proposal Format: Respondents shall provide six (6) copies of their proposal. Interviews may be held from a "short list" of respondents determined by the Selection Advisory Committee. Short listed respondents will be required to make a presentation to the Selection Advisory Committee addressing project related items selected by the Committee. If interviews are not held, the proposal will be the basis for recommending firms or persons to the Mayor to provide professional services for the project. The format for the proposal plus the point value of each category that will be evaluated by the Selection Advisory Committee shall be as follows: Points I. General Information 5 II. Project Team Members 25 III. Respondent Experience 30 IV. Technical Approach 20 V. Cost Control 15 VI. Quality and Content of Proposal 5 (Reserved for Committee Use Only) Proposals shall be bound and limited to a maximum of fifteen (15) pages (single sided) excluding the introductory letter, any applicable agreement and insurance certificates, the title page, the table of contents, dividers between categories, and the front and back cover/binder pages. All other 8 " x 11" pages shall be numbered. Any 17" x 11" shall be numbered as two pages. Drawings on 24" x 36" sheets shall be numbered as four pages. All proposals shall be sealed. Respondents must also provide an electronic copy of their proposal in PDF format in their sealed proposal. Any proposal received without a digital proposal in PDF format will be considered non-responsive. Your proposal should be as clear and concise as you can make it and still provide the Selection Advisory Committee with information addressing the requirements in each of the first five categories stipulated above (you do not respond to Category VI). Proposals longer than the specified page limitation will be rejected and will not be evaluated. The individual signing the proposal and any other submitted document on behalf of a legal entity shall be a New Mexico registered professional Engineer. If any significant text detailing any aspect of the current project, prior consultant projects or the consulting firm is found on any page not normally counted as part of the maximum page limitation, that page may be considered to be part of the respondent's proposal and may be counted as part of the maximum page limitation, as determined by the Administrator. Selection of qualified professional firms and/or persons will be pursuant to the provisions of Section 14-7-2-1 et seq, of the Revised Ordinances of Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1994. The Selection Advisory Committee meeting to determine recommended selections will be held at least two weeks after receipt of the proposals. For exact time and place call the Capital Implementation Program Office at 768-3821 after OCTOBER 1, 2019. Anyone submitting a proposal in response to this notice must agree to enter into the Standard Agreement that applies to the project and to meet the insurance requirements described in that Agreement. All proposals submitted will contain a completed Pay Equity Worksheet PE10-249 and shall contain a fully completed and executed "Agreement and Insurance Certification" form. At least one copy of the respondent's proposal must contain the required Agreement and Insurance Certification form containing an original notary seal. Proposals not containing the fully executed "Agreement and Insurance Certification" form shall be non-responsive and shall not be considered for evaluation. Copies of the Pay Equity Worksheet, the Standard Agreement that shall be used for the project and the "Agreement and Insurance Certification" form may be obtained from the Capital Implementation Program Office at the address given above. For those projects which are federally funded, the selected firm and/or persons will be required to comply with the applicable federal requirements including those relating to Equal Opportunity in Employment. This project will be administered by the City of Albuquerque and is partially funded by the Federal Highway Administration and is subject to the following: USDOT DBE 49 CFR Part 23 and 26 EEO Executive Order 11246 September 24, 1965 Buy America Provisions 23 USC Section 313 and 23 USC Section 365.410 Foreign Trade Restrictions 49CFR Part 30 Government-wide Debarment and Suspension and Government-wide for a Drug-Free Workplace 49 CFR Part 29 Basic Services compensation for those firms and persons who are selected to provide services for the listed project will be negotiated in accordance with Section 14-7-1 et seq, of the Revised Ordinances of Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1994, entitled "Compensation for Services of Consulting Engineers, Architects and Landscape Architects." Responses received pursuant to this advertisement may constitute public records of the City of Albuquerque subject to disclosure to any interested party under the Inspection of Public Records Act (Section 14-2-1 through 14-2-3 N.M.S.A. (1978)). A responding firm and/or person submitting a response believed to contain "trade secrets" within the meaning of Section 30-16-24 N.M.S.A. (1978) should clearly designate the response as such by printing the words "TRADE SECRET" on the top portion of the front cover of their response. The responding firm and/or person may restrict distribution of their response to only those individuals involved in review and analysis of responses. The City of Albuquerque will attempt to restrict distribution of a designated response as directed by the submitting party. Journal: August 14, 21, 28, 2019 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed August 14, 2019