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LEGAL NOTICE Developmental Disabilities Planning Council REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Conduct Comprehensive Services Reviews of selected Corporate Guardianship Contractors and Protected Persons for whom they are responsible for; Investigate Formal Complaints filed with the Office of Guardianship; Conduct Round Table Discussion meetings with Corporate Guardians Interested parties with the following qualifications are encouraged to review the full RFP details Deadline to submit Proposals May 3, 2019 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time. No Pre-Proposal Conference. Proposals will not be accepted after the deadline date/time. Complete copy of the RFP can be accessed through the following Developmental Disabilities Planning Council Website www.nmddpc.com QUALIFICATIONS FOR MONITORING CONTRACTORS At least one (1) of the monitoring team member(s) must be a Certified Guardian by the CGC. Contractor shall employ or contract with staff(s) who, have the education and experience to competently perform the contracted monitoring services. Contractor shall comply with the Caregiver's Criminal History Screening Act (CCHSA), (NMSA 1978, 29-17-5) and the Caregiver's Criminal History Screening Requirements, (7.1.9 NMAC). Contractor shall not employ any person who has been excluded from the Medicare or Medicaid Programs. Contractor must be authorized to do business in New Mexico as defined in NMSA 1978 13-1-22 certificate issued by the Taxation and Revenue Department is required. Contractor must have experience with knowledge of the following legal authority and guardianship practices, including but not limited to the: a. Uniform Probate Code (NMSA 1978, 45-5-101 to 315); b. Office of Guardianship Act (NMSA 1978, 28-16B-1 to 6); c. Uniform Health-Care Decisions Act (NMSA 1978, 24-7A-1 to 18); d. Mental Health Care Treatment Decisions Act (NMSA 1978, 24-7B1 to 6); e. Adult Protective Services Act (NMSA 1978, 27-7-1 to 31); f. Rule of the Office of Guardianship (9.4.21 NMAC); g. National Guardianship Association (NGA) Standards of Practice, Model Code of Ethics for Guardians and Agency Standards; and h. Willingness to be paid at the State Approved rate; and i. Ability to assure the Civil Rights of the Protected Person. Journal: April 12-25, 2019 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Mon April 15, 2019