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Legal Notice for RFP 20-350-4905-0001 General Services Department/Risk Management Division is accepting proposals: Under Request for Proposals (RFP) solicitation number 20-350-4905-0001, the General Services Department, Risk Management Division is accepting competitive sealed proposals to provide adjuster services. The term of the resulting contract will be for four (4) years. If awarded, a contract, Offeror(s) agree to provide claims adjusting services as set forth in Section I, Paragraph C of this RFP. This procurement will result in a multiple source award. In accordance with the authority extended by NMSA 13-5-1 et.seq. and 15-7-1 et.seq., and the General Services Department's Strategic Plan, which mandates Risk Management Division to protect and conserve the State of New Mexico's human and physical resources and financial assets by providing multi-lines insurance coverages and legal defense, and in support of the Risk Management Division's core obligation to serve public entities and protect the Public Property Reserve and Public Liability funds, Contractor agrees to provide the following: Provide Adjuster services as set forth in Section 1, Paragraph B of the Request for Proposal ("RFP") issued by RMD and Contractor's Proposals. The RFP and the Proposals are hereby incorporated into this agreement to the extent their provisions are not inconsistent with the Agreement. Services will be performed at various geographic locations throughout the State. An evaluation of the Contractor's services that have been delivered under this Agreement will be monitored by the Agency's Internal File Handlers and undertaken by the Manager of the RMD Property and Casualty Bureau from time to time at the discretion of RMD. The Contractor's evaluation will be based on the quality of performance undertaken in one or more closed case(s) that are chosen at the discretion of the Manager of the RMD Property and Casualty Bureau. The following factors will be evaluated as to quality and timelines: a. Acknowledgment of assignments shall be confirmed within three (3) business days of assignment. b. Reports will be timely transmitted electronically in the format directed by the Agency's internal file handler and contain quality information, i.e. coverage, site visits, photos, document collection, interview statements, liability assessments, reserve recommendations, and next report due date. c. Adjusters shall identify potential sources of defense and indemnity protection and issue timely tenders to the responsible party and that party's insurer, with copy to the Agency's internal file handler. d. Adjusters shall initiate subrogation attempts with appropriate follow-up (upon immediate determination of subrogation interests). This includes putting the adverse carrier on notice. e. In appropriate circumstances, Adjusters shall recommend to the Agency's internal file handler that a claim be denied. At the direction of the Agency's internal file handler, the Adjuster shall issue notice of denial to the insured or third party claimant with copy to the Agency's internal file handler and insured agency contact. f. Adjuster(s) must agree to execute the HIPAA Business Associates Agreement included in Appendix G. g. Professionalism must be displayed during course of adjusting with the States' insured entities. Geographically, services are required throughout the State of New Mexico. At the direction of the Agency's internal file handler, Contractors shall investigate and adjust claims against state insured entity for personal liability, casualty liability, or property losses or damages. Contractors shall examine claims forms and other records to determine insurance coverage and identify other potential sources of defense and indemnity protection. Contractor shall interview, either by person, telephone or correspondence, claimant and witnesses. Contractor shall consult with police and medical professional personnel to request copies of pertinent records for review. Contractor shall inspect property for damages to determine extent of agencies liability, varying the method of investigation according to the requirements of the type of insurance involved. Contractor shall assist the Agency in pursuing subrogation, salvage or other recovery methods at the direction of the Agency's internal file handler. At the discretion of RMD, Contractor shall negotiate settlement with claimant. Contractor shall return reports to the Agency in the form and manner as directed by the Agency. Contractor must be licensed, and is constrained by the procedures and requirements of state statute NMSA 1978, Section 59A-11-1 et. seq. If called upon by the Agency's defense attorneys for assistance, Contractor shall cooperate fully with defense counsel. Any professional services contract entered into as a result of this procurement shall not become effective until approved in writing by the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA). The contract shall not exceed four (4) calendar years in term. Proposals must be received no later than 3:00pm, MST/MDT on Monday, April 22, 2019. The RFP can be downloaded from the GSD/RMD website at: www.generalservices.state.nm.us/riskmanagement/solicitations.aspx. For further information regarding this RFP you may contact Laura Romero, Procurement Manager via e-mail at laura.romero1@state.nm.us. Journal: March 8-17, 2019 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Thu March 14, 2019