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NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE FOLLOWING PROPERTY SHALL BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION ON THE 23RD DAY OF JANUARY 2019 AT 11:00 AM, AT GLOBAL STORAGE 7701 BRIDGE BLVD. SW ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87121, IN SATISFACTION OF LIEN ACCORDANCE WITH THE NEW MEXICO SELF STORAGE ACT. UNIT #B037, Margaret Tavasci, 1151 82nd Street SW, Albuquerque NM, 87121 Contents: Boxes, plastic totes, exercise machine, wheel chair, misc. UNIT #B100, Renee Gallegos, 1151 82nd Street SW, Albuquerque NM, 87121 Contents: Boxes, clothes, stuffed animal, toilet seat, personal pictures. UNIT #C190, Renee Gallegos, 1151 82nd Street SW, Albuquerque NM, 87121 Contents: Furniture, chest, lamps, TV, stereo. UNIT #C224, Isai Marroquin, 3009 Viola Dr SW Apt B, Albuquerque NM, 87105 Contents: Playpen, Bags, Tool case, Pots and pans, Misc. UNIT #D280, Brenda Narvaiz, 4211 Wallace St. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105 Contents: Refrigerator, Freezer, Stove, Boxes, Weed-Wacker UNIT #F350, John Salas, 3908 Avalon Rd NW, Albuquerque NM 87105 Contents: Dressers, Bed frame, Table, Couch, Boxes UNIT #F406, Shawnta Dilworth, 1314 15th Street, Alamogordo, NM 88310 Contents: Bags, TV, Blanket, Camping chair, Misc. UNIT #F479, Theresa Romero- Griego, 3075 San Ygnacio Rd SW Unit A, Albuquerque NM 87105 Contents: Dryer, Lamp, Table, Chari, Vacuum UNIT #G506, Paula J Preciado, P.O. Box 7152, Albuquerque NM, 87194 Contents: Boxes, Plastic tubs, Cooler, Furniture, Tool case UNIT #G512, Antoinette Sedillo, 1100 Cassandra St SW, Albuquerque NM, 87121 Contents: Washer, Bed frame, Bed set, Night stand, Boxes UNIT #G584, Joyce Whitten, 8200 Bridge Blvd SW Apt 9B2, Albuquerque NM 87121 Contents: Car wheels, Bed frame, Chair, Suit case, Backpacks UNIT #G621, April Wilsey, 624 Via Canale, Albuquerque, NM 87121 Contents: Furniture, Ladder, Boxes, Plastic Totes, Misc. UNIT #H681, Desiree & Benjamin Sanchez, 1516 Tio Carlos SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105 Contents: Bike, Exercise equipment, Compressor, Boxes, Plastic totes. UNIT #K734, Jan Sandoval, 5240 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111 Contents: Bed frame, Weight equipment, Vacuum, Rim, Boxes, Misc. UNIT #K760, Sammy Moya, 732 Luna Rd SW, Albuquerque NM, 87105 Contents: Scooter, Stroller, Cooler, Boxes, Bags Journal: January 4, 11, 2019 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Fri January 11, 2019