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A-1 Self Storage New Mexico Auction Ad Notice of Public Sale Pursuant to NEW MEXICO STATUTES 48-11-1-48-11-9: Notice is hereby given that on the 3rd day of May, 2018 At that time open Bids will be accepted, and the Entirety of the Following Storage Units will be sold to satisfy storage liens claimed by A-1 Self Storage. The terms at the time of the sales will be Cash only, and all goods must be removed from the facility within 48 hours. A-1 Self Storage reserves the right to refuse any and all bids or cancel sale without notice. Owners of the units may pay lien amounts by 5:00 pm May 2, 2018 to avoid sale. The following units are scheduled for auction. Sale will be beginning at 09:00 am May 3, 2018 at A-1 Self Storage 116 Industrial Park Pl. NE, Rio Rancho Unit# K15 Brenda Searcy 110 Calle Del Sol, Roswell, NM 88201; Bikes, lamp, table, fan, recliner, Christmas tree, misc boxes, clothes, crutches, hampers, and tv stand. Unit# K16 Glen Brown 1510 Mcarthur, Jacksonville, FL 72076; Golf clubs, garden tools, bar stools, trash cans, computers, misc plastic totes, aquarium, car ramp, dolly, hand truck, Christmas tree, and standing lamps. Unit# V08 Shannon Obrien PO Box 295, Atwood, KS 67730; Passenger bus. Unit# G12 Lisa May 9127 Princess Jeanne Ave NE, Abq, NM 87112; Suit case, cabinets, stereo, misc boxes, tv's, weed eater, vacuum, sofa, dining table, dresser, lamps, and bed. Followed by A-1 Self Storage 9181 Coors Blvd NE Unit# 0403 Cory LaPlante 7324 Williamsburg NW, Abq, NM 87114; Picnic table, bbq, snow shovels, chairs, tool box, single bed, fire grate, gas cans, and oil pan. Unit# 2018 Tiffiney Maestas 3843 Montgomery Blvd NE, Abq, NM 87109; Dresser, baseball bat, rocking horse, misc boxes, misc plastic totes, misc bags, coolers, and misc bags. Followed by A-1 Self Storage 5419 Academy NE Unit# D1 Keshia Oscar 11800 Montgomery Blvd NE #1031, Abq, NM 87111; Misc boxes, lamps, computer case, bed, night stand, printer, bar chairs, flat screen tv's, and wicker chairs. Unit# D56 Shanahan Wood 220 Princeton Dr SE, Abq, NM 87106; Small tables, baskets, dumbbell, misc boxes. Unit# E24 Racheal Garcia 6101 Osuna Dr NE #32, Abq, NM 87109; Table, night stand, sugar bowl, electric saw, and misc bag. Followed by A-1 Self Storage 4700 Osuna Rd NE Unit# P099 Arthur Salazar 1713 54th St NW, Abq, NM 87105; Bikes, car seat, speakers, and tackle box. Unit# P084 Steven Gallegos 1325 Elferego Baca Dr, Abq 87109; Misc boxes, tv, back packs, and speakers. Unit# N037 Jon Jones PO Box 37247, Abq, NM 87176; Microwave, tv's computer, misc plastic totes, and misc boxes. Unit# P074 Jon Jones PO Box 37247, Abq, NM 87176; Misc boxes, portable heater, and lamp. Unit# A019 Robert Salinas 105 Texas St, Abq, NM 87108; Misc plastic totes, Misc boxes, table, and moving blankets. Unit# P089 Dreama Dixon 3225 Pecos Rd, Las Vegas, NM 87121; Misc bags, tv's duffle bag, and shoe boxes. Followed by A-1 Self Storage 5412 San Mateo NE Unit# F01 Vicki Anderson 12200 Montgomery Blvd NE, Abq, NM 87111; Crates, rugs, mattress, trees, freezer, lamp, cactus statue, pictures, coffee table, dresser, and rocking chair. Unit# B17 Vicki Anderson 12200 Montgomery Blvd NE, Abq, NM 87111; Misc plastic crates, desk, a/c unit, rugs, walker, printer, snow boots, Christmas tree, dart board, comforter, cooler, skis, fishing pole. Unit# F26 Kendra Mcghee 209 Hanosh Ct #C, Abq, NM 87123; Misc boxes, table, luggage, misc bags, fan and coffee maker. Unit#F15 Kendra Mcghee 209 Hanosh Ct, Abq, NM 87123; Misc boxes, small table, chairs, fan and misc bags. Unit# H02 Diondrea Butler 4321 Montgomery Blvd # 239, Abq, NM 87109; Computer tower, computer monitor, key board, footboard, headboard, fan, couch, mirror, baby jumper, clothes, fishing poles, and car seat. Unit# B34 Candace M Beans 5370 San Mateo NE # A20, Abq, NM 87109; Dining rocking chair, vacuum, coffee table, aquarium, dresser, mattress and box spring, night stand, misc boxes, microwave, and blue plastic tote. Unit# G09 James Vance 1201 3rd St NW, Abq, NM 87102; Misc boxes, blanket, couch, cooler, vacuum, end table, luggage, and lamp. Followed by A-1 Self Storage 5115 San Mateo NE Unit# M03 Robert Holloway 9513 Peralta Rd NE, Abq, NM 87109; Filing cabinets, misc boxes, copier, rakes, shelves, misc plastic totes, picture frames, and rear truck seat. Unit# N18 Jeramy Vanarsdale 2551 Mitten Rd, Bowling Green, IN 47833; Mattress, box spring, couch, box of clothes, bed frame, bed set, and ironing board. Unit# O78 Ronnie Trillo PO Box 542, Moriarty, NM 87035; Dresser, wood splitter, printers, engine jack, speakers, couches, twin bed set, bed frame, tire, truck tool box, step ladder, and night stands. Unit# 100 Amanda Horton 5505 Crown Ridge Rd, Abq, NM 87114; Mattress, dryer, dressers, night stands, high chair, shelves, baby items, and misc boxes. Unit# N15 Alicia Chino 388 Pueblo Rd, Acomita NM 87034; Mattress, misc bins, bath seat, and umbrella. Unit# 032 Johnny Silva 601 Virginia St NE, Abq, NM 87108; Misc boxes, Christmas light ups, stand up picture frame, and misc plastic totes. Auction Sale Date May 3, 2018 Journal: April 16, 23, 2018 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Mon April 16, 2018