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LEGAL NOTICE REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS The Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority (AMAFCA) seeks competitive sealed proposals for Professional Services for the project listed below. A detailed Project Scope of Services and Project Description may be obtained from the AMAFCA office at 2600 Prospect Ave. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107. Telephone number is (505) 884-2215. Proposals shall be received in seven copies, no later than 2:00 p.m., on Thursday, February 14, 2013 at the AMAFCA office. Proposals shall be limited to eight pages, excluding a cover letter and table of contents, AMAFCA-specific Campaign Contribution Disclosure Form, and front and back covers. Proposals will be reviewed by a Selection Advisory Committee to be appointed by the AMAFCA Board Chairman or his Designee. Interviews may be conducted with some firms or individuals submitting proposals; however, proposals may be evaluated without interviews. The fee shall be negotiated as part of the Professional Services Agreement. PROJECT NAME: Upper Piedras Marcadas Watershed Drainage and Water Quality Management Plan PROJECT DESCRIPTION: 1. Prepare a Drainage Management Plan that will address existing and developed flows from the watershed. SCOPE OF SERVICES: The Scope of Services is available at the AMAFCA office, 2600 Prospect Ave. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107, phone (505) 884-2215, or via the website at www.amafca.org. EVALUATION OF PROPOSALS: In order to assist the Selection Advisory Committee in making recommendations to the AMAFCA Board of Directors, the criteria on which the proposals will be ranked, along with the weighted value for each, shall be as follows: Item 1 10% General description of business and specialized design and technical competence of the business, including a joint venture or association, regarding the type of services required. Describe the amount of design work that will be produced by a New Mexico business within this state, and amount and type of non-local expertise to be utilized. State proximity to, or familiarity with, the area in which the project is located. Item 2 30% Technical and managerial approach to the project. Item 3 25% Capacity and capability of the business, including any consultants, their representatives, qualifications and locations, to perform the work, including any specialized services, within the specified time limitations. Describe organization and applicable experience of project team and planned participation of key team members on this project Item 4 10% Proposed schedule which reflects major tasks, allocation of effort, and milestones. Item 5 10% Past record of performance on contracts with government agencies or private industry with respect to such factors as control of costs, quality of work and ability to meet schedules. Provide references, if possible. State any relationships with other public or private clients which relate to this project. Item 6 10% State the dollar volume of work previously done for AMAFCA, which is not seventy-five percent complete, with respect to basic professional design services. List the name and associated billings of all projects, including On-Call assignments, completed for AMAFCA in the last three years. This information will be compared against the size of the local office and percentage of work to be done locally, with the objective of effecting an equitable distribution of contracts among qualified businesses and of assuring that the interest of the public in having available a substantial number of qualified businesses is protected, provided, however, that the principle of selection of the most highly qualified business is not violated. Item 7 5% Quality of submittal. AMAFCA intends to convene a Selection Committee on or about February 21, 2013, and recommend the top ranked respondent to the Board of Directors at the February 28, 2013 meeting. A negotiated agreement will then be presented for approval at the March 28, 2013 Board meeting. A Professional Services cost estimate must be submitted for this project. This should be the best estimate possible based on the Four major elements of work identified in Sec. III of the Scope of Work (Parts A thru D). The estimate will be submitted in a sealed unmarked envelope accompanying the proposal. The cost estimates will be opened by a disinterested party who will compile a listing by task with no reference to firm of origin. The compiled estimates will be used only for negotiations and budgeting and will not be used in any way in the selection process. The Procurement Code, N.M.S.A. 1978 13 1 28 through 13 1 199, imposes civil and criminal penalties for its violation. In addition, the New Mexico criminal statutes impose felony penalties for illegal bribes, gratuities and kick-backs. Dated January 24, 2013 /s/ Jerry M. Lovato, P.E., Executive Engineer, Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority Journal; January 27, 30 February 3, 6, 2013 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Sun February 03, 2013