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INVITATION TO BID OWNER: Luna Community College 366 Luna Dr. Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701 Telephone: (505) 454-5305 Facsimile: (505) 454-5325 Attn: Ron Gonzales, Director Facilities ARCHITECT: Ortega Romero & Rodriguez, Architects 1418 Luisa Street Suite 6 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 Telephone: (505) 982-2879 Facsimile: (505) 983-6879 PROJECT:Technology Building - Laboratory Renovations Luna Community College 366 Luna Drive Las Vegas, New Mexico BID OPENING DATE: Tuesday, February 3, 2009 TIME: 2:00 PM PRE-BID MEETING & PROJECT WAKL-THRU DATE: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 TIME: 1:00 PM LOCATION: Technology Building Luna Community College Main Campus, 366 Luna Drive Las Vegas, NM Submit bids and supportive information in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders and as otherwise directed in the Bidding Documents. All bids must be on a Stipulated Sum basis and must be submitted on all bid items. Segregated bids will not be accepted. Bid prices shall include state of New Mexico gross receipts taxes at the current rate for the construction area, however, must be listed separately on the bid form. The Owner, through their agent, Ortega Romero & Rodriguez Architects, will receive Bids on the date and time listed above in the Administration Building office of the President at Luna Community College Main Campus, 366 Luna Drive in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Bids received after the date and time listed above will be returned un-opened. All interested parties are invited to attend. Bids will be opened and read aloud after the specified closing time. ORR Architects are the owner's sole agent in the administration of the Bid Phase of the project. Use of a bid depository service is in conflict with the Bidding Documents and the Owner-Architect contract. Thus, use of bid depository services is neither recognized nor binding. Bid Documents are available for inspection, without charge, at the following locations: CONSTRUCTION REPORTER 1609 2ND St. NW Albuquerque, NM 87102 (505)243-9793 FW DODGE 1615 University Ave. NE Albuquerque, NM 87102 (505) 243-2817 BUILDERS NEWS 3435 Princeton Dr. NE Albuquerque, NM 87107 (505) 884-1752 Bid Documents may also be obtained at the office of the Architect in accord with the Instructions to Bidders upon depositing the sum of $100.00 for each set of documents, which amount constitutes the cost of reproduction and handling. Any bona fide bidder upon returning the documents in good condition within ten (10) days following the bid opening will be returned the full amount. Non- bidders and Bidders not returning Bid Documents within 10 days following the bid date will forfeit their deposit. Bid Security in the amount of five percent (5%) of the Bid must accompany each Bid in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders. The Bidder's attention is directed to the requirements of the Contract Documents for adherence to applicable federal, state and local statutes, regulations and ordinances: including but not limited to, requirements as to conditions of employment to be observed, minimum wage rates to be paid under the Contract, Section 3, Segregated Facilities, Non-Collusion, and bonding and Insurance requirements. The Owner reserves the right to waive technical irregularities and to reject bids. Bids shall be good for 45 days following the opening of Bids and may not be withdrawn. The Owner intends to award this Project to the lowest responsible bidder and to award the Bid it considers in its best interest. Journal: January 9, 13, 15, 2009 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Thu January 15, 2009