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New Mexico Small Business Investment Corp. Monthly Board Meeting Monday April 27th 2009 3:00 PM Hotel Encanto 705 S. Telshor Rd. Las Cruces, NM For a copy of the agenda or more information about this meeting, please contact Paul Goblet, NMSBIC Financial Advisor at 505-670-1329 Journal: April 15, 2009. Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed April 15, 2009

NOTICE OF SALE On May 27 at 2:00pm the undersigned will clear title to lien holder on the following vehicles. Said vehicles are abandoned and unclaimed with towing and storage charges as listed below: 1993 FORD 1FMDU34X9PUA42633 $829.68 INV 807779 2004 PONTIAC 1G2NF52E64M568881 $812.15 INV 807780 2000 HYUNDAI KMHJF35F9YU975503 $862.42 INV 809355 1992 OLDSMOBILE 1GHDU06L0NT307787 $759.74 INV 809491 1997 HONDA 1HGCD7200VA007427 $657.43 INV 809492 2001 SATURN 1G8ZH52841Z298916 $697.06 INV 809494 1981 LNCI ZLAEC00C3B0612377 $975.87 INV 809555 1993 FORD 2FDLF47G1PCA14820 $984.00 INV 809557 1996 SATURN 1G8ZG1271TZ182367 $883.29 INV 809559 1994 FORD 1FALP64R2RH147915 $817.19 INV 809578 2001 FORD 2FMZA51441BC24841 $816.06 INV 809595 2002 FORD 1FTRX07WX2KB81337 $816.65 INV 809599 2001 PONTIAC 1G2HX54K414162624 $773.07 INV 809600 1998 SUZUKI JS1VS52A8W2102205 $804.23 INV 809602 1992 FORD 2FACP74W3NX104660 $780.45 INV 809603 1984 DATSUN JN1PB12S5EU119131 $807.71 INV 809607 1999 FORD 1FMZU34XXXZB63292 $767.00 INV 809608 1997 CHEVROLET 1G1ND52T9V6110704 $776.70 INV 809609 1988 BUICK 2G4WD14W2J1438247 $654.04 INV 809613 1996 ISUZU 4S2CM58V0T4313436 $657.50 INV 809615 1990 JEEP 1J4FT38L6LL113160 $660.86 INV 809616 1999 MERCURY 2MEFM74W1XX680768 $791.64 INV 809622 1996 CHEVROLET 1GNDT13W0T2140869 $795.10 INV 809623 1994 FORD 1FALP52U1RG257054 $808.25 INV 809630 1986 MAZDA JM2UF2112G0521410 $787.32 INV 809631 1989 TOYOTA JT2SV21E1K3310832 $787.32 INV 809632 2006 DODGE 1D7KS28C86J113247 $794.70 INV 809633 1992 FORD 1FALP54Y5NA200126 $677.81 INV 809639 1992 MERCURY 1MELM5043NG628908 $914.29 INV 809643 1998 FORD 1FAFP4047WF141238 $862.42 INV 809649 1995 HYUNDAI KMHCF21T6SU132798 $822.26 INV 809653 2001 LINCOLN 1LNHM81W21Y709407 $812.23 INV 809656 1991 CHEVROLET 1G1LT53T7MY120482 $748.45 INV 809658 1984 FORD 2FABP43F9EX128554 $646.62 INV 809671 1985 HONDA JHMAB522XFC029098 $760.82 INV 809683 1997 JEEP 1J4GZ58Y2VC711839 $662.48 INV 809687 2001 CHEVROLET 2G1WF55E519224942 $649.00 INV 809691 1991 FORD 1FAPP14J1MW251900 $780.47 INV 809701 1990 NISSAN JN1CZ24A8LX001459 $658.02 INV 809706 1987 DODGE 2B6HB23T2HK201752 $654.03 INV 809730 1996 JEEP 1J4GZ78YXTC214188 $655.82 INV 809734 1994 PONTIAC 1G2NE553XRC766258 $668.27 INV 809735 1989 PLYMOUTH JP4EV31X8KU022971 $745.26 INV 809736 1995 MERCURY 1MELM66L6SK608407 $760.70 INV 809741 1972 AVCO 304500H251441 $1086.69 INV 809743 1995 NISSAN 1N6SD11S5SC352363 $715.67 INV 809755 2004 PONTIAC 1G2JB12F947311658 $711.13 INV 809756 1999 SUZUKI JS1GN78AXX2100122 $693.66 INV 809781 1994 DODGE 1B3AP24D7RN188428 $714.29 INV 809783 2000 TOYOTA 4T1BG22K8YU702873 $684.66 INV 809787 Valley Impound Inc 8705 D Broadway SE Albuquerque, NM 87105 Journal: April 15, 22, 2009. Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed April 15, 2009

ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS North Star Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association Owner 511 NE. Aztec Blvd., Aztec, NM 87410 Address Separate sealed BIDS for the construction of the North Star Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association Waterline Improvement at Dutchman's Hill will be received by Souder, Miller & Associates, at 2101 San Juan Boulevard, Farmington, NM 87401 until 10:00 a.m. (Local Time), April 23, 2009, and then at said office publicly opened and read aloud. Project Description: This waterline improvement project consists of installation of waterline, gate valves, hydrants, grading and a pump station. The CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be examined at the following locations: North Star, 511 NE Aztec Blvd., Aztec, NM 87410(505) 324-9375 Souder, Miller & Associates, 2101 San Juan Blvd, Farmington, NM 87401(505) 325-7535 Copies of the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be obtained at the office of the ENGINEER, Souder, Miller & Associates, 2101 San Juan Blvd, Farmington, NM 87401, upon payment of $100.00 for each set. Any BIDDER, upon returning the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS in good and complete condition within 15 calendar days of bid opening, will be refunded $100.00. A MANDATORY PRE-BID MEETING will be held at The North Star Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association on April 15, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. Journal: April 10, 12, 15, 2009. Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed April 15, 2009

REVISED Notice is hereby given that on March 17, 2009 and amended on March 25, 2009, Mesa Del Sol, LLC, c/o Harry Relkin, 5700 University West Blvd. SE, Suite 310, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87106, filed RG-91279 PODs 1-5 with the STATE ENGINEER NOTICE OF INTENTION TO APPROPRIATE NONPOTABLE GROUNDWATER AT GREATER DEPTHS THAN 2500 FEET PURSUANT TO NMSA 1978 72-12-25 through 72-12-28. The filer proposed to divert a combined maximum of 14,500 acre-feet per annum from five wells, each drilled to a depth of 2,600-12,000 feet, and with maximum casing size for all wells ranging from 8 to 16 inches. The proposed wells will be located in the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bernalillo County, and further described as being located within a 2,000 foot radius of the following points: Well No. 1 (RG-91279 POD1): X=353,304, Y=3,872,648; Well No.2 (RG-91279 POD2): X= 351,671, Y=3,871,783; Well No.3 (RG-91279 POD3): X=353,958, Y=3,871,153; Well No. 4 (RG-91279 POD4): X=355,063, Y=3,872,432; and Well No.5 (RG-91279 POD5): X=353,575, Y=3,873,219, meters, UTM Zone 13 North NAD83. All proposed well locations are on land owned by Mesa Del Sol, LLC. All proposed well locations described above are generally located within the exterior boundaries of the property commonly known as the Mesa Del Sol development, which is comprised of approximately 9,000 acres within the City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, and located east of Interstate 25, South of the Rio Bravo Boulevard exit and North of the Isleta Boulevard exit. All proposed wells have yet to be contracted or drilled. Water from the wells will be used for domestic, irrigation, municipal, commercial, industrial, agricultural and energy generation purposes. Water will be used within the Mesa Del Sol development, City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County. The water pumped will be treated and then applied to the uses specified. The wells subject of this notice will be drilled, cased, cemented and completed using modern standards and aquifer isolation practices in conformance with the requirements of the Office of the New Mexico State Engineer. The filer is in the process of developing its timelines for developing the wells and using water as set forth in this Notice of Intention and shall inform the State Engineer as to such timelines as well as comply with all well drilling and reporting requirements of the State Engineer. Any person may bring an action in the district court of the county in which any such well is situated for damages or for injunctive relief with respect to any claimed impairment of existing water rights due to an appropriation of nonpotable water under 72-12-25 to 72-12-28 NMSA 1978. Journal: April 1, 8, 15, 2009. Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed April 15, 2009

STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF SANDOVAL THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT No. D-1329-CV-081368 GORDON TAYLOR, Plaintiff, vs. BC UNITED LLC, JACK DACYK, OUR HORSE HOLDINGS, LTD., G. PETER HORMES, and NEW MEXICO DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION AND REVENUE, Defendants. NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to the Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment Against Defendant BC United LLC and Entry of Judgment of Foreclosure (the "Order Granting Summary Judgment"), entered on January 12, 2009, and the Order Granting Judgment by Default Against Defendants Our Horse Holdings, Ltd. and G. Peter Hormes, entered on February 5, 2009 (together with the Order Granting Summary Judgment, the "Judgments"), and the Order Appointing Special Master, entered on March 2, 2009, the undersigned Special Master will sell at public auction, for cash or certified funds, at the hour of 10:00 a.m. on April 21, 2009, at the main entrance of the Sandoval County Judicial Complex, 1500 Idalia Road, Building A, Bernalillo, New Mexico, the real property situated in Sandoval County, New Mexico described as follows: Lot Numbered One-A (1-A), as the same is shown and designated on the plat entitled "Division of Lot 1, Plat of Survey For Joe and Rose Mary Roybal, Lying and Being Situation Within Section 6, Township 15 North, Range 06 East, N.M.P.M., Near Pena Blanca, Sandoval County, State of New Mexico," filed in the Office of the County Clerk of Sandoval County, New Mexico on October 19, 1998 in Volume 3, Folio 1803-A. (the "Property"), commonly known as 17 Sparkling Moolah Rd., Pena Blanca, NM 87041. The Property will be sold subject to rights of redemption; easements, reservations, and restrictions of record; taxes and governmental assessments; any liens or encumbrances not foreclosed in this proceeding; the valuation of the Property by the County Assessor as real or personal property; affixture of any mobile or manufactured home to the land; deactivation of title to a mobile or manufactured home on the Property; environmental contamination, if any; any zoning violations concerning the Property, if any. No representation is made as to the validity of the rights of ingress and egress. Transfer of title to the highest bidder shall be without warranty or representation of any kind. ALL PROSPECTIVE PURCHASERS AT THE SALE ARE ADVISED TO MAKE THEIR OWN EXAMINATION OF TITLE AND TO CONSULT THEIR OWN ATTORNEY BEFORE BIDDING. This action is a suit to foreclose a mortgage secured by the Property described above. The total amount awarded by the Judgment to Gordon Taylor ("Taylor"), with interest to the date of sale is $188,911.95; plus attorneys fees from March 18, 2009 through the date of sale of the Property and any amounts advanced by Taylor to protect his interest in the Property before sale, including insurance, maintenance, taxes, assessments, or other expenses relating to the Property. The proceeds from the judicial sale will be applied first to the payment of costs and expenses of the sale; then to the payment of the Judgments in favor of Taylor, including additional fees, costs and expenses as stated in the foregoing paragraph. Any excess funds shall be deposited with the Clerk of Court. Taylor may apply all or a portion of the Judgments towards the purchase price. Otherwise, terms of sale shall be cash or certified funds. Taylor's attorneys are the Rubin Katz Law Firm, P.C. (James S. Rubin and Jenny F. Kaufman appearing), P.O. Box 250, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87504-0250; telephone 505-982-3610 Jonathan Morse, Special Master P.O. Box 8387 Santa Fe, NM 87504 505-982-3305 Journal: March 25, April 1, 8, 15, 2009. Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed April 15, 2009

STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF BERNALILLO SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT No. D0202CV200900857 COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS SERVICING, L.P., Plaintiff, vs. SHERRY B. DUNCAN; KEITH A. DUNCAN, Defendants NOTICE OF SUIT STATE OF NEW MEXICO to the above-named Defendant Sherry B. Duncan. GREETINGS: You are hereby notified that the above-named Plaintiff has filed a civil action against you in the above-entitled Court and cause, the general object thereof being to foreclose a mortgage on property located at 5100 College Heights Dr NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, said property being more particularly described as: Lot numbered Six (6) in Block numbered Six (6) of La Mariposa Phase 1 of Unit 1, an Addition to the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico, as the same appears on the plat thereof, filed in the office of the County Clerk of Bernalillo County, New Mexico, on April 17, 1975 Unless you serve a pleading or motion in response to the complaint in said cause on or before June 1, 2009, judgment by default will be entered against you. Respectfully Submitted, CASTLE MEINHOLD & STAWIARSKI By:D. Renae Richards Charney Sharon Hankla D. Renae Richards Charney 999 18th St., Suite 2201, Bin 1 Denver, CO 80202 (800) 286-0013; (303) 285-2222 Attorney for Plaintiff WITNESS the Honorable WILLIAM F LANG, DISTRICT COURT JUDGE, of the Second Judicial District of New Mexico Judicial District Court, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, this 3rd day of April 2009. Juanita Duran CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT By:Debra Gonzales Deputy 08-2154/ Duncan, Sherry B. P555962 Journal: April 15, 22, 29, 2009. Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed April 15, 2009

ATTENTION: Notice is hereby given that contents of unit #3753 and unit #3939 leased to Harvey Brierly dba Atrivic Inc. will be sold to satisfy unpaid rent and storage fees. Contents to be sold by Fincham Trailer Leasing Inc. 5601 Wilshire NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113 on April 20, 2009 Journal: April 11-18, 2009 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed April 15, 2009

NOTICE OF SALE On May 27 at 2:00pm the undersigned will clear title to lien holder on the following vehicles. Said vehicles are abandoned and unclaimed with towing and storage charges as listed below: 1984 CHEVROLET 1GCDC14H2EJ188519 $935.16 INV 723823 1993 HONDA JHMCB7552PC035490 $922.74 INV 723825 1993 PONTIAC 1G2NE1433PM608605 $707.14 INV 723835 2007 HONDA 1HGCM66577A018119 $698.14 INV 723839 1996 MAZDA JM1BB1414T0316730 $706.55 INV 723862 1998 CHEVROLET 1GNCS13W4W2102712 $940.12 INV 723970 1985 CHRYSLER 1C3BF66P1FX561584 $726.96 INV 723982 1998 GMC 1GKDT13W1W2558827 $705.16 INV 723984 1967 MERCURY 7F93C649079 $697.60 INV 723992 2004 CHEVROLET 1G1JC52F347241325 $706.61 INV 724120 1988 HONDA 1HGCA5546JA152610 $700.33 INV 724122 1983 FORD 1FABP43F9DZ146108 $700.33 INV 724123 2007 PONTIAC 1G2ZH18N874120772 $704.29 INV 724124 2002 CADILLAC 1G6KD54Y02U118882 $687.36 INV 724128 2008 HONDA JH2PC40098M105256 $690.21 INV 724137 2007 VOLKSWAGEN 3VWEF81K17M070646 $708.80 INV 724156 1990 PLYMOUTH 1P4FH54R5LX318986 $732.00 INV 724180 1991 DODGE 2B4GK2532MR168853 $732.00 INV 724181 1994 LINCOLN 1LNLM81W6RY624348 $725.26 INV 724183 1996 PLYMOUTH 2P4FP2530TR621202 $691.33 INV 724186 1980 FORD U15ELGJ5547 $704.29 INV 724261 1990 SAAB YS3AL76L4L7016521 $699.22 INV 724264 1978 PONTIAC 2H37W8A211543 $687.88 INV 724265 2001 OLDSMOBILE 1G3NK12T31C257232 $701.00 INV 724284 New Mexico Towing Inc 8705 C Broadway SE Albuquerque, NM 87105 Journal: April 15, 22, 2009. Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed April 15, 2009

VILLAGE OF LOS LUNAS REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS The Village of Los Lunas is requesting proposals from qualified firms of certified public accountants to perform its annual audit for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009, with the option of a multi-year contract. The audit shall be conducted in accordance with: Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) issued by the U.S. General Accounting Office, latest edition and amendments; Codification of Statements on Auditing Standards (SAS) issued by the AICPA, latest edition (see Appendix D); OMB Circular A-133, Audits of States, Local Governments, and Not-for-Profit Organizations, July 28, 2003 revision; AICPA Audit Guide, Government Auditing Standards and Circular A-133 Audits, latest edition; AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide, State and Local Governments, latest edition; and 2.2.2 NMAC, Requirements for Contracting and Conducting Audits of Agencies, dated February 2009, which is available on the Office of the State Auditor's website at www.saonm.org. The financial statements and notes to the financial statements shall be prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America. Governmental accounting principles are identified in the Codification of Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards (GASB), latest edition (see Appendix C). The financial statements shall be prepared for the primary government as well as the Housing Authority, which is a component unit of the Village of Los Lunas. Proposal packets may be obtained by contacting Monica Clarke (clarkem@loslunasnm.gov or Sylvia Cordova (cordovas@loslunasnm.gov) at 839-3840 or may be picked up at the Village of Los Lunas Administration Office located at 660 Main Street NW, Los Lunas, New Mexico. Sealed proposals may be mailed to the Village of Los Lunas, P.O. Box 1209, Los Lunas, NM 87031, or hand delivered to 660 Main Street NW, Los Lunas, New Mexico, with the envelope clearly marked "PROPOSALS FOR FINANCIAL & COMPLIANCE AUDIT" on the lower left hand corner of the envelope. The deadline for submitting proposals is at 4:00 p.m. on April 30, 2009. The Village of Los Lunas will open Sealed Proposals at 4:00 p.m. on May 1, 2009, at the Village Council Chambers located at 660 Main Street NW, Los Lunas, New Mexico, 87031. The procurement Code, Sections 13-1-1 through 13-1-199 NMSA 1978, imposes civil and original penalties for its violation. In addition, the New Mexico Criminal Statutes impose felony penalties for illegal bribes, gratuities and kickbacks. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the bidder to see that their proposal is delivered to the Village of Los Lunas by the deadline. If the mail or delivery of said proposal is delayed beyond the deadline set, the proposal will not be considered. The Village of Los Lunas reserves the right to reject any or all proposals submitted. Journal: April 11, 15, 18, 22, 2009 Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed April 15, 2009

BEFORE THE NEW MEXICO PUBLIC REGULATION COMMISSION Case No. 09-00094-UT IN THE MATTER OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN ALTERNATIVE FORM OF REGULATION PLAN FOR QWEST CORPORATION NOTICE AND PROCEDURAL ORDER NOTICE is hereby given that in its Initial Order of March 24, 2009, the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission ("Commission" or "NMPRC") commenced in this docket a proceeding "for the purpose of developing an alternative form of regulation ("AFOR") concerning Qwest Corporation ["Qwest"], to become effective after the expiration of Qwest's current AFOR II Pricing and Quality of Service Plan," as further described and provided by that Order. Id., at paragraph A, p. 2. Now therefore, and being fully advised, the Hearing Examiner FINDS and CONCLUDES that: 1.Among other things, the Commission's Initial Order directed that the "scope of this proceeding shall extend to all issues necessary and convenient to the development of a new AFOR plan concerning Qwest Corporation, including but not limited to, pricing, quality of service, infrastructure investment, and deployment of advanced services." Id., at paragraph B, p. 2. The Commission also appointed the undersigned as Hearing Examiner for this case. 2.The Commission has jurisdiction over the parties and subject matter of this case. 3.Pursuant to the Order of the Hearing Examiner, a pre-hearing conference was held on April 8, 2009 at the Commission's Marian Hall offices attended by the Hearing Examiner and representatives of Qwest, the Commission's Utility Division Staff ("Staff"), the Attorney General, the City of Albuquerque, Cyber Mesa Computer Systems, TW Telecom and, telephonically, the New Mexico Department of Information Technology and the Federal Executive Agencies. 4.The procedural schedule and other procedural details provided below should be adopted, subject to further order. The Hearing Examiner ORDERS that: A.A public hearing will be held beginning at 10:00 a.m. on July 7, 2009 at the Commission's offices in Santa Fe, New Mexico-specific location to be determined later-for the purpose of hearing and receiving evidence, arguments and any other appropriate matters related to this proceeding. B.By no later than May 11, 2009, any person who desires to become a party to this case must file a motion for leave to intervene, pursuant to and NMAC. C.By no later than May 22, 2009, any parties with proposals regarding any aspect of the prospective AFOR that is the subject of this case shall file direct testimony. D.Any desired response testimony shall be filed by no later than June 24, 2008. E.On or before April 15, 2009, Qwest shall cause, at its expense, this Notice and Procedural Order to be published one time in the Albuquerque Journal. Qwest shall ensure that an affidavit confirming publication is promptly filed with the Commission. In addition, on or before April 15, 2009, Qwest shall, at its expense, mail copies of this Notice and Procedural Order to the Telecommunications Service list and to the service list for Case No. 05-00466-UT, and shall promptly file a Certificate of Service with the Commission. F.The Commission's Administrative Procedures (1.2.2 NMAC) will apply to this case except as modified by Order of the Commission or Hearing Examiner. G.The procedural dates and requirements provided herein are subject to further Order of the Commission or Hearing Examiner. H.Any person whose testimony has been filed will attend the hearing and submit to examination under oath. I.Any interested person may appear at the time and place of hearing and make written or oral comment pursuant to NMAC without becoming an Intervenor. Interested persons may also send written comments, which shall reference NMPRC Case No. 09-00094-UT, to the Commission at the address set out below. All such comments will not be considered as evidence in this case. J.Any interested person may examine the filings in this case contained in the Commission's official file at the Commission's Utility Division offices, 224 E. Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501; telephone: (505) 827-6941. All inquiries or written comments concerning this matter should refer to Case No. 09-00094-UT. K.Anyone filing pleadings, documents or testimony in this case shall serve copies thereof on all parties of record and Staff via e-mail and first class U.S. mail. Any such filings shall also be sent to the Hearing Examiner via e-mail. Whenever possible, all electronically transmitted documents shall be in Word or native format. If necessary, discovery responses may be transmitted in some other readily searchable format. M.The filing and service of pleadings and other documents in this case are subject to applicable Commission rules (see, e.g.,,, and NMAC), except that service of discovery requests and responses shall be exclusively via electronic transmission unless otherwise agreed or ordered. Responses to discovery requests shall be served in the manner provided herein within seven (7) days after service of the request(s) unless otherwise agreed or ordered. Consistent with NMAC, electronic service of discovery requests and responses shall not be made upon the Hearing Examiner. Exhibits to discovery responses shall be served at the same time and in the same manner as such responses unless otherwise agreed or ordered. N.Qwest shall post this Order on its website. Staff shall cause this Order to be posted on the Commission's website. O.Interested persons should contact the Commission for confirmation of the hearing date, time and place, since hearings are occasionally rescheduled. P.Any person with a disability requiring special assistance in order to participate in this proceeding should contact the Commission at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the hearing. Q.The attached Certificate of Service is the official Certificate of Service for this case. ISSUED at Santa Fe, New Mexico this 9th day of April, 2009. NEW MEXICO PUBLIC REGULATION COMMISSION JAMES C. MARTIN HEARING EXAMINER Journal: April 15, 2009. Left-red    Print Legal   Email-red   Published on: Wed April 15, 2009

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